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1. The observance of the manufacturer’s recommendations listed on the product’s packaging and further in this document.


2. Any complaints related to the identification of quality defects covered by the warranty should be reported at the point of purchase of the tiles as soon as possible, and not later than two months from the date of identifying such defects.


3. Only complete submissions which contain the following will be considered:


a correctly completed notification of the defect which contains a detailed description of the defect identified, the circumstances of its identification, the expectations of the notifier and the value of claim, product purchase receipt, receipts allowing to determine the manufacturer and the type of materials used during fitting of the tiles,

receipts or contracts which identify the contractor of the fitting work (the lack of these documents will mean “own installation”).


4. The warranty period is calculated from the purchase date of the product.

The following are excluded from the warranty:

Surfaces of polished tiles fitted in places where pedestrian traffic takes place (not applicable to other tile parameters). Defects of which the customer was aware upon the conclusion of the contract or should have been aware, judging reasonably.


Defects resulting from:


transport and storage,


incorrect fitting,


the product being used contrary to its intended purpose and properties,


mechanical damage,


the use of incorrect materials and tools for machining and fitting,


incorrect maintenance and operation,


disasters and random events,


chemical agents and high temperatures.


If a quality defect is identified, Ceramika Nowa Gala undertakes to cover justified costs, remove the defect or replace the product with a new product which is free from defects.


Obligations of the notifier:


The notifier is obliged to make the product in question available to a person authorised by the manufacturer and enable the performance of all activities needed to assess the cause and validity of the complaint.


The lack of consent to perform the activities described in point 1 shall result in the rejection of the notification as unjustified.


Obligations of the manufacturer / warrantor


The manufacturer / warrantor, having verified the completeness of the complaint notification, will perform an inspection of the product, within the time limit agreed by the parties, not later than 21 days from the notification date.


The decision on the validity of the complaint notification and the response to the demands of the notifier must be taken within 14 days from the inspection date, and if it is necessary to perform tests or obtain expert opinions, the period of 14 days shall count from the date of their completion.


The complaint procedure and the repair of any damage must be completed not later than within 30 days after a decision is made on the validity of the complaint notification.


The preparation of and informing the notifier about the inspection protocol, inspection

and evaluation results (if they are deemed necessary to be performed).


Applying due diligence in order to complete the proceedings as soon as possible, objectively assess the validity and perform a real calculation of potential losses of the Customer.


The manufacturer reserves the right to reject the complaint in the event of its obvious groundlessness.